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Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets

Rotem works with a number of manufacturers to be able to provide our customers with the best equipment and systems possible. Our longstanding partnership with Eriez gives us an opportunity to provide high quality separation systems and metal separation technologies to customers across North America.

Eriez manufactures premium electromagnetic lifting magnets used by industries that demand the highest standards of safety for lifting applications. Whether chemical, food, mining, metalworking, packaging, pharmaceutical, or more, Eriez lifting magnets have proven themselves as the best in the world.

Electromagnetic lifting magnets are key to reducing labour time and keeping employees safe from potentially dangerous situations. Eriez lifting magnets are powerful, efficient, accurate, and have decades of experience behind them.

Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets by Eriez and Rotem

Rotem is proud to supply a variety of Eriez electromagnetic lifting systems. These devices help to reduce labour hours and manpower required to lift and move metallic workpieces. Lifting magnets make quick work of time consuming, and often otherwise dangerous, handling tasks.

Eriez’s lifting magnets are the best in the industry for metal separating as well. When you choose an Eriez machine for your sorting and handling, you are choosing the best.

  • Safehold Permanent Lifting Magnets – ideal for semi-finished products and lift up to 7500 pounds with no need for an outside power source.
  • Burn Table Lifting Magnet System – moves multiple cut parts from the burn table in a single lift.
  • Selecto Electro Lifting Magnets – fast lifts with unbeatable power for hundreds of applications with easy installation.
  • Circular Lifting Magnets – general-purpose lifting magnets for material-handling jobs.
  • Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets – designed for lifting banded coils and bundled shapes with a variety of suspension systems.

Contact Rotem for Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets

Rotem offers electromagnetic lifting magnets made in the United States by Eriez. If you’re interested in best-in-class lifting magnets. Eriez manufactures a variety of lifting magnets to suit your shop’s needs.

Contact Rotem today to get more information about Eriez Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets! This line of equipment and systems offers high quality, powerful solutions at very competitive prices. Current trade barriers on lower quality offshore magnets have also made it more affordable to invest in better quality lifting systems- call us today to see how we can help!

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