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For all your metal forming, spring, tube bending, wire and wire bending machinery, Rotem Industrial Products Inc. offers a variety of solutions for every step. We offer CNC wire benders, wire straighten and cut machines, inline wire drawers, turkheads, wire & tube swager, spring coilers and rolling mills. Rotem has distributed wire and wire bending machinery from premier North American manufacturers for over 25 years which include: IP Automation Inc., RMG/FELM, Fenn and Torin. When buying from Rotem, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting quality products at competitive pricing. If you have a project you would like us to review, our experts can help you select the correct tools and equipment, and can provide accurate cycle time projections in advance of your purchase.

RMG Industrial
Fenn Torin
Winton Tube Bending Canada

Please see a description of our metal forming, tube bending, and wire machinery below. 

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