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Coolant Systems & Accessories

Get top quality coolant systems and accessories. Contact us today to place an order or call 1-800-498-8773.

At Rotem Industrial, we offer a variety of Coolant Systems & Coolant Accessories for your shop. Just some of the products we offer are:

  • Eriez Unimix XL
  • Dosatron Coolant Mixing Systems
  • Micromag Filters
  • Aeroex Mist Collectors
  • NexJen Coalescers
  • Misco Digital Refractometers
  • Vito AG Coolant Filtration Systems

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Smartskim and Hydro Systems

  • Skimblaster for removal of tramp oil
  • Chipchiller (standalone and machine mounted)
  • Swissblaster high pressure coolant for Swiss machines
  • Mistblaster for vapour removal
  • Centrablast for coolant filtration

For high pressure machine coolant systems, we have partnered with a great manufacturer, Chipblaster. Through our strong partnership as a Master Fluid Solutions distributor, we provide the complete solution for your coolant system, as Chipblaster recommends Master Fluid Solutions over all other brands for use in their equipment. Chipblaster manufactures high pressure coolant systems, mist collection systems, coolant chillers, coolant filtration and self cleaning conveyors.


Eriez Unimix XL

For automatic coolant metering and mixing, we supply the Eriez Unimix XL. It allows for pinpoint accuracy achieved through its innovative design. With a positive displacement proportioning pump, it’s able to provide accurate measurements and dispense coolant at concentrated amounts that are user set. Easy to install and configure, the Eriez Unimix XL is ready to service your production, saving you time and resources in your production line.

Dosatron D14MZ10


Dosatron’s Coolant Mixing Systems are the answer to all your coolant management needs. At Rotem, we are proud to provide Dosatron Chemical Metering Pumps, including the popular D14MZ10. Dosatron pumps are easy to install and require no external power source. The pumps compensate for flow and pressure changes because they are water powered. Get repeatable and predictable results with flexible dosage rats when needed.

Compact Magnetic Filter

Micromag Features:

  • Stainless steel, aluminum and SAN housings
  • Flow rates up to 150 litres per minute
  • Models holding up to 4 kg of contamination
  • Models with up to 80 kg operating pressure bar
  • Models handling up to 140 degress celsius
  • 1 and 1 1/2 ” BSP connection designs
  • Non block design
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimal pressure drop

From Eclipse comes the innovative and convenient Micromag coolant filtration system that we distribute for Ontario. Using radial flow channels it filters fluid through the micro system, attracting contaminants with its magnetic core. It removes 100% of ferrous contaminants, with different models capable of moving larger kgs at higher pressures. Easy to remove, clean and install, this filter will save your business money and time over costly and out-dated traditional filtration systems.

Aeroex ARO-600

Aeroex Mist Collectors

The ARO multi-stage oil mist collectors separate mist in progressive stages reducing the potential of plugging. Filters are depth loading and designed to drain, suitable for 24/7 operation.

  • Cross-flow filter design, air flow is horizontal, oil drains vertical down
  • Ideal for high pressure coolant and oil. Removes mist, smoke and bacteria
  • Unique 1st and 2nd separation stages
  • Optional On-Line Cleaning system



NexJen Coalescer

The NexJen C-Thru Separator is the next generation of oil separators. Rotem carries a compact coalescer that can access even the most difficult to reach sumps due to it’s unique magnetic mounting.

  • Seam-free durable tank
  • More efficient than belt-skimmers
  • Extremely chemical resistant

Misco Digital Refractometer

The MISCO PA201 digital Brix refractometer is a valuable instrument for determining metalworking fluids concentration. In other industries, it is also used to determine the sugar content in fruits, vegetables, juices, beverages, and in wine and beer making. Range 0 to 56 Brix, Resolution 0.1%, Precision +/-0.1%.
Vito AG Coolant Filtration

Vito AG Coolant Filtration Systems for CNC Machines

  • Coolant filtration systems for CNC Machines
  • Available in the Vito60 and Vito90
  • Cleans coolant lubricant, oil, and watery solutions to prolong performance
  • Removes chips and solids from coolant lubricants in minutes
  • Removes particles up to 5µm
  • Patented mechanical filtration reduces the forming of bacteria and fungus
  • Available with a variety of accessories
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance and save money! View the demo here.

MiniDos Coolant Mixer

  • An ideal alternative to traditional injectors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Eliminate the need for electricity and are great for remote areas
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Wide range of dilutions available
  • Mounting bracket available

MiniDos Mixer Mounting Bracket


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