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Pallet Trucks, Lifters, And Stackers

Pallet Trucks, Lifters, and Stackers

Rotem is proud to offer a wide range of Ergonomix pallet trucks to our customers across Canada. Known worldwide as leaders in pallet jacks, Noblelift Ergonomix are efficient and powerful machines that can make even the hardest warehouse and transportation…

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Rotem Announces the Launch of our Online Shop!

We're pleased to announce that we've launched our online store! Now, you can easily buy industrial products online with secure checkout and accessible technical support. We've partnered with Berkshire Hathaway to provide full online order and same day shipping (for…

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Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets

Rotem works with a number of manufacturers to be able to provide our customers with the best equipment and systems possible. Our longstanding partnership with Eriez gives us an opportunity to provide high quality separation systems and metal separation technologies…

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Rotem is Bringing You A New Level of Service!

Starting December 1st 2018, Rotem (www.rotem.ca) will be bringing full online ordering and same day shipping (orders by noon EST)  to all of our Ontario customers through our new partnership with Berkshire Hathaway (formerly PTS Canada). We’ll be adding a…

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Choosing The Right Tube Bender Equipment

Choosing the Right Tube Bender Equipment

Tube bending equipment is used across industries – metalworking, plumbing, architecture, and more. Whether your shop is interested in adding tube bending and fabrication equipment to your process or simply expanding existing capabilities, it's important to know exactly what types…

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Winton Tube Bending Machinery For Your Shop

Winton Tube Bending Machinery for Your Shop

Winton Machine is a leading manufacturer of coax and tube fabrication machines in North America. They offer a variety of specialty tube bending, fabrication, and cutting machines to suit the needs of shops across Canada. Rotem recently partnered with Winton…

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Winton Tube Bending – Cut Down Bending Time!

Winton Tube Bending – Cut Down Bending Time!

Rotem Industrial now offers Winton Tube Bending products. We provide a variety of tube bending machinery to our customers in Canada from the American-based manufacturer. The Winton tube bending machinery products we offer include: High Speed Tube Fabrication System Adaptor…

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How To Use An Allied Opening Drill Effectively

How to Use an Allied Opening Drill Effectively

Allied Opening drills are designed to rapidly open up existing holes faster than circular interpolating and with less wear on the machine and easier programming. What makes these drills particularly versatile is that if you machine larger diameter holes between…

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