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Need Industrial Lighting Upgrades for Your Shop?

It’s a common in shops with older CNC equipment to see operators having a difficult time actually seeing what is going on inside of their machines. The scratched windows from years of work obscure the work area, and more importantly, the cabinet light has either failed, broken, or most commonly, become covered with rock-solid oil that obscures it completely.

One of the most common problems with these interior lights is that they’re usually hardwired into the machine. It’s difficult (and expensive) to find replacements so the lights end up not being changed. The operator either tries to use the light from the next machine to see, or uses a flashlight, which can lead to safety concerns.

Having bright lighting inside the machine cabinet itself makes a significant difference, especially when shadows or glare play a role. However, this light must be easy to clean, easy to replace, and impervious to the harsh conditions that exist inside a modern CNC machine.

Waldmann is a manufacturer of industrial lighting that meets these requirements. They produce intense illumination, are resistant to coolant and lubricants, and are designed for high temperatures. They also don’t generate their own heat so machine oil does not collect and burn onto the surface as it often does with older machine lights. They are also easy to install and replace, so when they do go out, you don’t have to worry about significant downtime in your process.

Waldmann Industrial Lighting

Rotem offers industrial lighting solutions by Waldmann. These industrial LEDs don’t generate any heat, so machine oil doesn’t burn the covers like with other types of lighting. Waldmann’s lighting offer 60 000 hours of maintenance-free operation so your employees can work in optimum conditions without interruption.

For more information about our Industrial LEDs, visit our industrial lighting products or get in touch with us today!

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