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CECOR SumpShark® Special Offer from Rotem

Right now, new customers who purchase a minimum of four drums of coolant can rent a 110V electric, 175 gallon Cecor Sumpshark® for free! *

Regular rental for this SumSshark® unit is $600/week plus shipping (or, customer can pick up and return the clean unit). Disposable filter bags extra.

Contact us today to take advantage of this limited time offer!

What Sets CECOR Sumpshark® Apart?

The CECOR SumpShark® reduces machine downtime by quickly sucking machine sumps dry.

With a pump rate of 60 gallons per minute, it’s no wonder our SE15-60PL electric SumpShark® is a bestseller. It can suck up an entire sump of metalworking fluid with sludge and solids in only a few minutes. A high CFM gives the SE15-60PL increased nozzle velocity for picking up shallow puddles or chips.

  • Overfill protection
  • Discharge ports are valved
  • Optional filters available
  • Easy, safe, and fast way to clean sumps

Master Fluid Solutions

Rotem offers a broad selection of metalworking fluids, cleaners, RP’s and oils to suit your shop’s needs. Rotem carries a broad selection of metalworking fluids from Master Fluid solutions and Chemarrow including TRIM, ArrowMist, Master STAGES, Arrowcool, , CoolPAK, and more. If your company is looking to upgrade their industrial fluids, now is the perfect time.

Rotem supplies:

  • Cutting fluids
  • Grinding fluids
  • Coolant
  • Lubricants
  • Industrial cleaners and part washing fluids
  • Corrosion or rust inhibitors
  • MQL lubricants

Get in touch with us today to get more information about our Master Fluid Solutions and Chemarrow products and get your free SumpShark® rental!


*terms and conditions apply. Contact us for more information.

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