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Aeroex oil mist collector

Oil Mist Collectors

Rotem Industrial Products is proud to offer Aeroex mist collectors as a premium solution for your CNC lathe and mill requirements. Aeroex’s multi-stage units offer the advantage of separating the majority (95%) of mist fluid without replaceable filters over the first two stages, so costs are kept to a minimum compared to some competitor’s models. An added bonus is that they are made right here in Ontario!

We offer Aeroex’s Mist-Fit line of mist collectors, as well as mountain options and installation accessories. We offer Aeroex industrial oil mist collectors in a variety of models, including:

  • ARO-400
  • ARO-600
  • ARO-800
  • ARO-1100
  • ARO-1400
  • ARO-2000
  • ARO-2500

Call us today to learn more about these quality built mist collectors.


See a description of the Aeroex mist collectors we offer below.

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