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Master Fluid Solutions Environmental Cleaning Products

When it comes to choosing industrial and commercial cleaning products, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. Most importantly of course, they must be able to do the job right. However, the ingredient list is also often a deciding factor. Water-based solvents come with benefits over oil-based, and natural and environmentally-friendly products can help you meet requirements and internal sustainability goals.

Rotem supplies companies across Canada with Master Fluid Solutions cleaning products, including the CLEAN AMO, Master Stages Task2 GrimeFighter, SkidRid, and CLEANF2.

Master Fluid Solutions Products


Master Stages CLEAN AMO, also known as “A Maize N’ Orange” can be used in a wide range of industrial cleaning jobs. It gets its nickname from its ingredients – it is a natural solvent derived from corn and orange extract. It rinses off easily with plain water and can be used in floor scrubber machines, mop buckets, and in other general cleaning tasks to remove soils from parts, tools, and machines.

  • Water-based and not flammable
  • Neutral pH
  • Designed as a superior substitute for shops that use Varsol
  • Contains no nitrites, barium, phenols, butyl cellusolve, mineral oils, petroleum solvents, or SARA 313-reportable ingredients
  • Can be used straight or cut with water, depending on the application

Master STAGES Task2 Grimefighter

Task2 is a no-nonsense, industrial strength cleaning agent for your toughest industrial cleaning applications. It out-cleans all the green, crystal, purple, “mean”, “complex”, and “simple” butyl-based products commonly used in shops today.

  • Water-based
  • Performed better than Simple Green in a blind head to head test in cleaning various machine shop soils
  • Certified “Readily Biodegradable” by OECD Method 301D (EPA Guideline OPPTS 835.3110) and aerospace approval PMC1247-1


CLEAN F2 is a super concentrate primarily used in floor cleaning in automatic floor scrubbers, but also applicable for other general purpose cleaning and parts washing. Its formula allows it to remove heavy soils from floors without lifting off floor paints or coatings. It is tested suitable for concrete, paint, tile, and linoleum floors.

  • Proven nonirritating to skin at 20% concentration – a great choice for spray bottles!
  • Performed better than Simple Green in a blind head to head test in cleaning various machine shop soils
  • Mild pH
  • Compatible with most waste treatment
  • Will not degrade TRIM metalworking fluids
  • Contains no nitrites, barium, phenols, or butyl cellusolve and has very low V.O.C. content and no SARA 313-reportable ingredients

Master STAGES SkidRid

SkidRid has been specifically formulated as a highly concentrated solution for floor cleaning and general degreasing. It can lift off stubborn skid marks on shop floors in even the most difficult areas without lifting off paint, coatings, or leaving a slippery residue.

  • Contains no butyl (2-butoxyethanol) in contrast to similar specialized products
  • Not reportable under SARA 313
  • All ingredients are biodegradable

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If you’re shop is looking for new cleaning products, Rotem can find the right Master Fluid Solutions products for you. Whether you’re looking to switch from an existing product, trying to demonstrate environmental responsibility, or obtain new ISO certifications, upgrading your cleaning solutions can be the right answer.

Contact Rotem today for more information about all the Master Fluid Solutions cleaning products we distribute.

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