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Jergens Workholding Solutions – Kwik-Lok and More

Rotem Industrial Products has recently added Jergens Workholding Solutions to our ever-expanding lineup of industrial solutions. Jergens’ line of workholding solutions includes the Kwik-Lok, as well as other pins, fixture-plate machining kits and vices, and workholding columns.

The Kwik-Lok series of quick-release pins is a top workholding option for businesses and manufacturers across Canada. These specialty fasteners provide fast and easy engagement with high holding strength in applications that require repetitive use. Don’t worry about your pins wearing out too quickly or being too weak – the Kwik-Lok series are made to last!

Eleven different designs of the Kwik-Lok are available to provide you with the custom option you need. These include marine-hitch, T-handle, L-handle, double-acting, and detent pins.

Jergens Products at Rotem

Rotem offers a wide variety of Jergens products to our clients across Canada. With dozens of products and parts available, you can find the set up that’s right for your shop, business, or plant. Rotem can help you find the perfect set of products to maximize your efficiency!

These products include:

  • Workholding and locating components, such as buttons, rests, clamps, supports, jacks, straps, dowels, bushings, nuts, bolts, and more.
  • Power clamping, available in both hydraulic and pneumatic configurations
  • CNC machine vises and accessories
  • Quick Change fixturing to reduce downtime, maximize savings, and boost productivity
  • Five-axis workholding to maximize machining.

View more details here!

Contact Rotem for Jergens Products

If you’re looking for Jergens workholding solutions, contact Rotem. We can help you find the workholding, fixture, and clamping products that are right for your application. No matter what solution you’re looking for, Jergens workholding solutions from Rotem can help.

Contact Rotem today to learn more about our Jergens Kwik-Lok and other workholding products. We offer same day shipping on orders placed before 2 pm. Call or message us today!

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