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Types of manufactured abrasives

Types of manufactured abrasives

Abrasives are used to shape or polish a work piece through a rubbing action, which generates the friction force used to drive the process. Their main aim is to make surfaces smooth and reflective. Over the years, abrasives have found their way in to a wide range of applications in industrial, domestic and technological sectors. Both natural and synthetic abrasives are available in a vast range of shapes and sizes, but often come as bonded or coated forms such as belts, discs, wheels and blocks.

Bonded Abrasives

The abrasive material of bonded abrasives is contained within a matrix. This matrix is called a binder which is typically either resin, glass, clay or rubber. This combination of the binder and the abrasive is shaped into sticks,wheels or blocks. The commonly used abrasive component here is aluminum oxide although silicon carbide, garnet, and tungsten carbide can substitute it. Bonded abrasives should be trued and dressed after they are used, which means that they should be restored to their original surface shape and have any waste material cleaned.

Coated abrasives

Coated abrasives are fixed to a backing material like resin, paper, polyester, or cloth. Sandpaper is one of the most commonly used type coated abrasives. A flat surface is made by applying a bonding agent after which grit is applied. Extra resilience can also be provided by using a woven backing. Coated abrasives can also be shaped for use in orbital and rotary sanders, which involves wrapping around sanding blocks. They can also be used on diamond steels and tools, as striking surfaces on matchboxes, as loops in belt grinders, and as hand pads.

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