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New Product Announcement: Master Fluid Solutions CoolPAK

Rotem is the original distributor of Master Fluid Solutions products in Canada. We’re pleased to announce a new line of metalworking fluids from Master Fluid Solutions called CoolPAK.  Our customers have come to rely on us for over 50 years for our premium line of TRIM metalworking fluids from Master Fluids, many of which carry aerospace certification. The new CoolPAK line offers quality metalworking fluids at more economical pricing than our TRIM line and are intended for shops that do not necessarily need a premium quality fluid or aerospace certification  for their operation- after all, if you are not doing aerospace work, the additional cost of aerospace certification may not be a benefit that your shop values- in these instances, CoolPAK can offer a quality coolant at a more economical price, saving your shop some money.

The new CoolPAK line-up includes:

Contact Rotem today and we’ll help you select the best option for your shop! We’re your one stop shop for all Master Fluid Solutions products.

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