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Master Fluid Solutions CoolPAK S5406: Product of the Month

Rotem’s product of the month for June is the CoolPAK S5406 – one of our latest Master Fluid Solutions products!

Our new CoolPAK S5406 heavy duty semi-synthetic coolant from Master Fluid Solutions is catching the attention of machine shops for it’s excellent performance and very competitive pricing. Many shops are making the switch to this high quality coolant to improve shop efficiency. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your coolant, this is the time to do it!

Why CoolPAK S5406?

CoolPAK™ S5406 is optimized for high-volume production environments. This semi-synthetic is great for cooling and mechanical lubricity.

· Exceptional sump life

· Reduces oil mist and residues

· Contains no nitrites, triazines, phenols, or sulfurized EP additives

· Provides corrosion inhibition on all ferrous and nonferrous metals

· Stable in hard-water environments

· Compatible with aluminum, copper alloys, cast iron, steels, stainless steels, and many plastics and composites

· Runs clean

· Uses standard metalworking recycling and disposal techniques

Rotem is also proud to offer a variety of other Master Fluid Solutions CoolPAK products, including 4 synthetics, 2 straight oils, and 1 corrosion inhibitor in addition to the semi-synthetic CoolPAK S5406.

Upgrade Your Coolant Today

Master Fluid Solutions CoolPAK S5406 will change the way your shop operates. It’s efficient for cooling and mechanical lubricity, ideal for high production, busy environments, and comes with a variety of technical benefits that are a step above many other types of coolant.

Master Fluid Solutions is your choice for coolant, and Rotem is your Master Fluid Solutions distributor. Contact Rotem today for more information about upgrading your shop to Master Fluid Solutions CoolPAK S5406!

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