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Baty Profile Projector: Product of the Month

This month we’re putting the spotlight on our Baty R400 Profile Projector. A type of optical comparator, profile projectors have become staples in the manufacturing industry over the past decades.

This essential workshop machine makes it easy to accurately measure small instruments and machine components. They have a wide use, are easy to use, and need to be highly efficient. They can be used for measuring and shaping components for a variety of industries, meaning they are an essential machine for workshops across Canada.

The projector magnifies the profile of the tool and displays it on the built-in digital screen. The screen also has a grid that makes it easy to align, examine, and measure the tool in question. Without a profile projector optical comparator, measuring these small components and instruments becomes virtually impossible.

Get Optical Comparators Features with Rotem

The Baty R400 Profile Projector is a high quality optical comparator for the most precise of measurements. Its 400mm screen combines high accuracy non-contact measurement and inspection with a large (300mm x 150mm) measuring range.

Features of the Baty R400 Profile Projector:

  • 400mm screen
  • 90º crosslines and chart clips
  • Horizontal light path
  • Lens magnification from 10x to 100x
  • Fibre optic surface illumination
  • Workstage with two machined slots for holding accessories
  • 0.5 micron resolution
  • Digital angle measurement

The Baty R400 also has a variety of additional available options, such as electronic measuring systems, internally fitted automatic edge sensors, and cabinet stands. The flexibility of this optical comparator makes it one of the most popular in the industry. No matter your needs, the Baty R400 Profile Projector has the accessories and customization available to suit you.

Rotem also supplies lenses and other accessories fitted for the Baty R400 Profile Projector to suit your workshop’s unique needs.

For more information about the Baty R400 Profile Projector, optical comparators, and accessories, contact Rotem. We can help you find the machines and accessories that are right for your workshop and industry. Contact us and place your order today!

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