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Tips for Efficient Coolant Application

There are many factors to consider when using coolant in flood-type applications. At Rotem, we have some tips and suggestions for using coolant efficiently to get the job done quickly.

The following are important considerations for employing flood-type coolant application.

Point of cut. At the point of cut, coolant functions both chemically and physically. Not only is it important to ensure the fluid is getting to the point of cut, but also whether it is “pushing” things in the right direction. A high-pressure, high-volume stream of fluid coming from the bottom of a hole is very beneficial, but that same stream of fluid pushing the chips back down the hole will cause problems.

Critical zones of fluid delivery. Fluid functions on the cutting tool at the tool tip and flank. It acts as a barrier between the chip and the tool face. Depending on the specifics of the operation, the amount of fluid reaching each zone can be critical. Delivering fluid to each zone may require a special nozzle design or placement. Which brings us to our next two points…

Nozzle placement. With modern tool-changing technology, it is very difficult to optimize nozzle placement unless the coolant delivery system is mounted directly on the tool. However, optimizing coolant delivery for the most difficult or “choke” operation seems to often work best.

Nozzle Design. Most flood coolant situations do not require specially designed nozzles or delivery lines. However, nozzles that generate a smooth “laminar” flow of fluid are more efficient and generate much less mist and foam, improving their efficiency.

Tool velocity. As tool velocities increase, the importance of properly designed nozzles increases. This is especially true with grinding, where speeds typically exceed 6000 SFPM. In these situations, it is best to drive the fluid into the “nip” between the tool or grinding wheel and the work piece at 100% to 120% of the tool velocity. If the fluid is moving at the velocity of the tool, or a little faster, it is not necessary to accelerate the fluid to the speed of the tool and it does not exert a parasitic drag on the operation.

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