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Winton Tube Bending – Cut Down Bending Time!

Rotem Industrial now offers Winton Tube Bending products. We provide a variety of tube bending machinery to our customers in Canada from the American-based manufacturer.

The Winton tube bending machinery products we offer include:

  • High Speed Tube Fabrication System Adaptor Series
  • CNC Rotary Draw Mandrel Benders
  • CNC Drum Roll Benders
  • CNC Serpentine Tube Benders
  • CNC Tube Cut-To-Length Machines
  • Tube End Forming Machines

View our Winton tube bending products available here!

Winton RD20 CNC Tube Bender

The Winton RD20 is a revolutionary tube bending machine by Winton Machine. The machine is controlled by an interface platform based on Windows, allowing for ease of use and reduce programming time. It is designed specifically for cutting down the time it takes to produce bent parts.

The diagnostic system shows the status of all digital inputs and outputs. A CAD-generated STEP file, the LRA bender information, and the tube bender work together to ensure less errors, less programming time, and a quick and simple tube bending process.

Other fantastic features of the RD20 include:

  • programmable bend speed
  • 3D graphics that display the programmed part pre-bending
  • servo-controlled CNC rotary draw bending
  • 3 axis CNC rotary draw bending
  • freestanding remote-control operator stand

For more information about the RD20, visit Frasers.

Contact Rotem for Winton Tube Bending

If you’re looking for tube bending machines, contact Rotem. Our partnership with Winton allows us to provide their state of the art CNC tube benders to cut down your time in producing parts.

For all your tube bending and industrial products, contact Rotem. We can help find the right Winton products for your shop to ensure you’re getting the most efficient equipment available.

Contact Rotem today for Winton tube bending in Canada!

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