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Winton Tube Bending Machinery for Your Shop

Winton Machine is a leading manufacturer of coax and tube fabrication machines in North America. They offer a variety of specialty tube bending, fabrication, and cutting machines to suit the needs of shops across Canada.

Rotem recently partnered with Winton Machine to offer their tube bending and tube cutting machines to our Canadian customers. Winton has been in the tube bending and fabrication industry for over fifteen years, allowing them to create machinery specialized for various industries and equipment. Whether you’re in automotive, aerospace, HVAC, agriculture, recreation, or appliances, a high volume machine can help you run your shop efficiently and achieve your production goals.

This upcoming month, Rotem and Winton will be traveling to shops looking to implement or upgrade tube bending machines around southern Ontario. It’s part of our dedication to our clients and our customer service! We want to help you find the right machine for your shop.

Benefits of Winton Tube Bending & Fabrication

Winton Machinery products are ideal for high volume production. Efficiency in these types of environments is key to meeting deadlines and production goals.

There are a variety of benefits that come with working with Winton Machinery for your tube bending and fabrication. Firstly, Rotem and Winton are dedicated to customer service and will work with you to understand your needs and find a solution for you. Whether this is an existing product, a modification, or a re-engineered product, we can find the machinery that fits your shop’s needs.

Other benefits of Winton Machinery include:

  • Windows-based interface platforms
  • Reduced programming times
  • Programmable speeds
  • Fewer errors
  • CAD-generated STEP files
  • Minimal set up time
  • High accuracy and reliability

Winton Machinery Products

The Winton tube bending machinery products Rotem supplies include:

  • High Speed Tube Fabrication System Adaptor Series
  • CNC Rotary Draw Mandrel Benders
  • CNC Drum Roll Benders
  • CNC Serpentine Tube Benders
  • CNC Tube Cut-To-Length Machines
  • Tube End Forming Machines

Interested in Winton Tube Bending and Forming Machines?

If you’re interested in implementing or upgrading your tube bending and tube forming machinery, Rotem can help. In our new partnership with Winton, we will be visiting shops in southern Ontario in September to help interested customers upgrade their tube bending machinery!

Contact Rotem today at if you want to book an appointment with us to learn more about Winton Tube Bending Machinery. We can help you determine if a Winton Tube Bender is right for you and find the right machine to suit your needs.

Call or message Rotem today to book a meeting with us!

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