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Choosing the Right Tube Bender Equipment

Tube bending equipment is used across industries – metalworking, plumbing, architecture, and more. Whether your shop is interested in adding tube bending and fabrication equipment to your process or simply expanding existing capabilities, it’s important to know exactly what types of equipment are available that can benefit you.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing tube bending equipment. As with any other equipment, you should always have a detailed understanding of your shop’s needs before you think about what features you’re looking for. You don’t want your business to outgrow the machine you choose, but also don’t want to have the most expensive equipment if it rarely gets used.

What to Look for When Choosing Tube Bending Equipment

Bender Types

There are a variety of bender types available. The most common types are:

  • Mandrel bending – a steel plug is inserted into the tube for support, often produces components for headers, cold air intakes, and furniture
  • Open rotary draw bending – a fixed radius forming an empty tube. This is the most common type of bending for structural and industrial applications.
  • Roll bending – a pyramid-style type for coiling applications
  • Ram-Style bending – a hydraulic ram pushes a die into the tube to bend it between opposing forces for exhaust systems and gates.


There are a variety of capabilities for tube bending machines that can vary from application to application. Some of these additional capabilities are required in specific industries while being unnecessary in others. These include:

  • Annealing and heat treating to allow the metal to be cut and shaped more easily
  • End flattening to allow for easier tubular assemblies, as in furniture
  • Buffing and polishing is important for industries where the tubes are visible to the end user
  • Notching, hole punching, or slotting are important in a number of industries where tubes must be assembled


Do you require a fully automatic solution? Is a manual solution enough to produce what you need? Or do you need a mix of both?

If a fully automatic solution is required, options for tube bending equipment are immediately narrowed. Fully and semi-automatic tube bending machines offer a great deal off flexibility for the user. Programmable options and easy-to-use digital interfaces mean shops can easily adjust the automation and products being made with minimal set up time.

Winton Machine Tube Bending and Fabrication

Winton Machine Tube Bending is an American-built company leading the tube bending industry. They are a leading manufacturer of coax and tube fabrication machines in North America and have been in the industry for over fifteen years.

They offer a variety of tube bending and fabrication products, including:

  • High Speed Tube Fabrication System Adaptor Series
  • CNC Rotary Draw Mandrel Benders
  • CNC Drum Roll Benders
  • CNC Serpentine Tube Benders
  • CNC Tube Cut-To-Length Machines
  • Tube End Forming Machines

Winton Machine is a trusted name in tube bending equipment.

Contact Rotem for Tube Bending Equipment

Rotem supplies Winton Tube Bending equipment to companies across Ontario. These high quality machines are perfect for a variety of applications and the different models ensure you can find the right tube bender for your needs.

If you’re looking for more information, or to upgrade your tube bending equipment, contact Rotem today! We can help you find a tube bending machine that fits your shop.

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