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About Cut Machines

About Cut Machines

Cut machines use shear deformation method to remove materials from a work piece. They typically come in single point or multipoint varieties. Single point tools plan, turn, shape, and remove materials through their cutting edge. Multi-point drills are used for grinding and milling. Cut machines are made of tough materials that can withstand the high temperatures involved during the metal cutting process. With certain geometry and well-designed clearance angles, these machines enhance safety because they ensure that only the work piece comes into contact with the cutting edge.

Some of the factors that have to be optimized when using cut machines include width, number and teeth of flute, angle of the cutting face, and margin size. This is due to the fact that small changes in these factors can create a big difference in the quality of the results. Rotem offers a vast range of cut machines including rotary, linear, and a combination of rotary and linear features. Good examples of rotary cut machines include tool bits and broaches, while linear cut include reamers, drill bits, and countersinks among others. Fly cutters, band saw, and hacksaw blades combine the two features.

Some cut machines are designed with inserts to enhance certain functionalities. This means that their cutting edge has a welded, brazed, or clamped separate piece of material on the machine body. To achieve this, materials such as cubic boron nitride, cemented carbide, and polycrystalline diamond are used. Changeable inserts are not available for drilling and milling machines. Hollow shank taper and shank taper are the two holders for mounting the cut machine on the CNC’s machine spindle. The cutting edge of a cut machine plays a critical role during the cutting process. Good cutting edges are characterized by these following three features:

·         Hardness to withstand high temperatures

·         Toughness to avoid tool fracturing

·         Wear resistance to enhance durability

Rotem Industrial Products Inc. is a trusted supplier of high quality cut machines across North America.


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