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Features and Functionalities of Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic fluids are used in hydraulic machines as a medium of power transfer. They are common in a number of industrial applications including lifts, industrial machines, earth movers, tippers, gear systems, excavators, power steering systems, hydraulics brakes and many others. This fluid can either be water or oil. One of the properties that this fluid must have so that the hydraulic systems can have optimum performance is zero compressibility.


Features and functionalities

One of the key functions of the hydraulic fluids is to act as a power conveyor. It has many more functions. For the fluid to perform a certain function it must possess features specific to that particular function. The list below shows the function and the feature;

  • Function: Power conveyance and control

Features: Fast air release, minimal foaming tendency and low compression properties.

Features: non corrosive, low viscosity, resistant to wear and tear, water resistant, low temperature fluidity and capability to remain clean and filterable within a period of time.

Features: High viscosity index.

  • Function: To seal a medium

Features: moderate viscosity and shear stability

Feature: Must be a good conductor and have great thermal capacity


Rotem industrial deals with hydraulic fluids that are made of a wide scope of chemical compounds. The chemical compound list is quite expansive this includes; anti- erosion additives, esters, silicones, corrosion inhibitors, organophosphates, alkylated aromatic hydrocarbons, butanol, polyalphaolefins, oil, polyalkylene glycols. Lastly, we are a firm that exercises great responsibility and caution when supplying these fluids. We are aware of the harm that it can cause when carelessly disposed to the environment or applied wrongly to the industrial machines. We have a team of qualified members of staff that are well equipped on the matter of handling and applying these fluids to the machines.


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