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An In-depth Look at RMG’s Lewis Straighten and Cut Machines

Crafted by the Rockford Manufacturing Group (RMG), the RMG Lewis straighten machines offer bi-headed product lines.  These include the RMG and Lewis cut machines. The two lines have a series of products under each, with the designs retaining one common feature: their use. As a result, novice operators can easily learn how to use, adjust as well as operate and maintain the machines without the requirement for intensive training.


Features of RMG-Lewis machines

The RMG-Lewis product line is a special breed of modern tooling equipment crafted to offer superior flexibility, unrivaled ease-of-use and a number of flexibility features. The RMG product line embeds innovative features on the machines by ensuring that they offer the users the greatest flexibility without deterring their productivity. Among the latest innovations firmly anchored on these straighten & cut machines relate to the use of offset arbors, the operational length control, arbor speed and the use of top-notch machining technologies.


Crafted to use the clutcheless cutting technology, various RMG cut machines come fitted with ultramodern features aimed at making their use a sensual experience. By perfectly cascading the operational speed and high degree of accuracy, the machines allow their users further flexibility when it comes to the replication of straightness. For the best outcomes and super high degree of user safety, the machines are also fitted with advanced user safety guards.

On the other hand, the Lewis machine technology allows for the production of highly durable outfits from high tensile materials such a hardened steel and chromium bars. Thanks to the stout and sturdy handling claws fitted in every cut machine. It ensures that the cut machines attain a robust operational scale without derailing the concept note’s targets on accuracy and precision.

By partnering with industry leaders in the wire bending and cutting technologies, Rotem Industries brings a rich blend of tech-savvy and excellence at your door step. You don’t need to travel far and wide looking for the best outfits. You just need to contact us for a practical guidance by our professionals.



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