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Lubricate with Cutting Fluids

A cutting fluid is a specialty lubricating coolant primarily used in enhancing metal working processes. With the expansive knowledge base available in the corporate circles, there are various industrially viable varieties of cutting fluids in the market today. Their existence and ease of use is primarily driven by the need for exceptional results whenever needed in a given process. Below are a few of many classes of cutting fluids:


These are synthetic and semi-synthetic cutting fluids used in a diversity of fields. For higher performance, they are crafted from emulsified oil and water suspension allowing the users benefit from eh superior features of both water and oil as coolants. For improved performance, mineral substrates are at times included to make the suspension more stable. Common fluids in this class include kerosene, way oil, dielectric fluids and liquefied water-oil base.

Pastes and gels

Some processes such as drilling and tapping required the use of pastes and gels as cutting fluids. The use of a gel is also common when dealing with band saws as it increases the flexibility of the saw by reducing the grip on the surfaces.

Mists and aerosols

Advanced cutting specialties may require the use of mist and aerosol coolants in creating a conducive working environment. The process involves the use of specialty aerosols that offer lubricating features on the surfaces they are applied. Ideal for the process, the mists ensure that the process is flexibly administered with minimal stain being suffered during the regular administration of the procedures.

In modern machining, the use of cutting fluids is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. That’s why Rotem Industries houses the best coolants for every occasion. We select our inventory from a wide variety suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that we get the best value in every product.


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